Tulavēda's mission is to help the community achieve balance, knowledge, and wellness through natural solutions.

Balance, Knowledge & Wellness

Our core pillars of balance, knowledge, & wellness set Tulavēda apart from the competition for good reason. Watch Dr. Wells speak about what these pillars mean to him.

We believe in natural solutions for real people.

Welcome to the new Illinois dispensary designed around authenticity and inclusion.

Our story begins with you.

When we sat down to conceptualize what Tulavēda would become, we made the promise as a team and individuals to create a place where wellness and health stood at the forefront. That's the same promise we made for ourselves—to start leading a healthier life. We understand that we're just like you. We all experience unforeseen life events, increased stress, illnesses, harmful toxins, and chaotic work schedules, just to name a few.

As individuals, we are not perfect, but we believe we can create the perfect dispensary where everyone is comfortable and welcomed.

Tulavēda is committed to offering healthier, more humane, alternative drugs compared to harsh opioids that can lead to opiate addiction.

We believe in a top-down learning approach when it comes to the Tulavēda Wellness Center. The top is Dr. Alvin Wells, our Co-Founder & President.

Dr. Wells has been eager in assembling a strong leadership team that employs experience alongside passion to help citizens make positive choices. In order to do so, Tulavēda will offer a larger selection of products & services than seen in many dispensaries.

Our leadership team fully embodies balance, knowledge, and wellness, our three pillars that make Tulavēda unique. But our uniqueness does not stop here.

Both our team and facility are built with these three pillars at the forefront.

Our team members are trained with a deep understanding of customer satisfaction. We hear you, assess past treatments, and explore options that may work best for you moving forward.

Inside the tranquil space of the facility, you'll feel our pillars of balance, knowledge, and wellness flow with ease. Amid the relaxed meeting environments and live greenery, we want you to feel comfortable at all times.

Additional studio spaces will be available for private or group activities like yoga classes and aromatherapy.

At this moment, our team is eagerly waiting to submit applications that will allow us to begin operating in the state of Illinois. For more information, please get in touch by contacting us here on Tulaveda.org

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Everything we do at Tulavēda is grounded in research, and we share this sentiment in everything we do. Knowledge is power, and we invite you to learn more about cannabis and how it can affect our bodies.

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Tulavēda Faces
Tulavēda Faces