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Cannabis in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. Patients with FM are very sensitive to even minor everyday pressures such as from a hug or a handshake. In addition to their increased sensitivity to pain, FM patients can have disruption of their normal sleep pattern and other resultant medical problems. Some cannabis agents including both dronabinol (THC) and nabilone have been used in studies of patients with active FM. These showed improvement in pain within 2 hours, sleep, mood, and quality of life. Currently, there are only three FDA-approved drugs used to treat FM. However, these do not work in all patients. The use of cannabis may help to alleviate the pain from FM. Be sure to talk with your physician, to see if medical cannabis is right for you.

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Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Fibromyalgia